People are hurting. Sometimes you can see it and other times the hurt is hidden deep in the heart or
mind where it has the greatest potential for pain and damage. The chaos of our society has caused
many Christians to be confused, depressed, frightened and just plain stressed out.
Seventy two percent of people with personal and emotional problems go to friends, family and
pastors for help. ALIVE Ministries believes there is an unparalleled opportunity for the local church to
reach out in practical ministry to struggling people – offering the healing and hope that only Jesus
Christ can provide.


“The Lay-Counselor Training Program had a life-changing impact on me. Every class was filled with nuggets of truth that I could apply to my
own life as well as to those to whom I minister.”
– Judith

That is why Dr. Nichols is committed to equipping a network of individuals and couples in your church
who can provide a caring, Biblically based counseling ministry.

Dr. Nichols has designed a program that offers 20 hours of Lay Shepherd Training based upon the
following guidelines:
• The Bible is the first and final authority on understanding God’s design and purpose for
humankind, our sinful condition and our relational and spiritual difficulties.
• Training in counseling provides knowledge of emotions, personal relationships, as well as
thinking and behavioral problems.
• Biblical counseling is clearly dependent upon the power of God’s Spirit and Word to
orchestrate lasting change in the lives of hurting people.
Biblical counseling is grounded in the belief that God’s Word provides thorough instruction, solutions
and healing for all issues of life. The goal of Dr. Nichols’ training is to bring thoughts, feelings and
behaviors into conformity with a scriptural and eternal perspective.


“The Counselor Training was exceptional!

It provided our Lay Shepherds with tools, insight and instruction to minister to those in our church struggling with life’s toughest problems. This training should take place in every church in America.”

- Pastor Ray